Daniel Simpson

Bio: Mad as hell news is a site designed to let you know your rights and those that are in office trying to steal all of your rights, I will list everything on these people I can dig up and I will let you know about those that are fighting for your rights, however slim that may be because most are in office for themselves and to see just how far they can jerk you, the American people around before you finally get fed up with them and hopefully stop re-electing the same old criminals that the uninformed and Ignorant do, like those that just re-elected the same criminals that screwed them in the first place back to office. These are the same idiots that re-elected Ted Kennedy for several decades till he finally died. these are Americans (and I use this word loosely) do not care about our country as long as they vote the party line. That kind of voting only hurts us, if some Bozo in your party is harming America, then get the hint and GET RID OF HIM OR HER, MORON.

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