The Ugly Face of the Conservative Future

I read the shit you spewed out of your mouth about my reply to your nutty ideas and I want to ask you did you learn your vulgarity from your mom or dad ? also I am a christian and proud of it, at least I know I will not be going to hell like you will, and I have a way you idiots can keep from having children in the first place, that way you will not have an excuse to use fancy words to cover your murders of the innocent, KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED AND YOUR LIPS OFF A MAN’S PENIS, after all it was a man that made these women pregnant because the women seduced them in the first place, and I can tell by your site you are a complete sociopath by what you post, and like it or not, even if you do not believe in GOD he believes in you and will not forget or forgive you for murdering a child either unborn or just after birth like so many so called doctors do.
and since it takes two to have a child, one woman has no right to have sole choice, also it’s not the woman’s body they are killing, it’s the babies, so your choice is not yours.
I bet you would be one of those crazies that in the past were just like the crazies like Nero that burned Rome then used it to make up an excuse to murder the Christians that were law abiding citizens that never harmed anyone.
all Christians are trying to do is save you from hell, and as far as the death penalty, I could use an excuse like yours and say that murders are not human and deserve to die, but I believe differently, I do think a murderer deserves to die, but only because he or she horribly murdered another human being and I would feel the same if one of them killed you, even though you have a mouth that spews poison out of every word.
letting a murderer live is not fair to those he or she brutally murdered because that piece of human shit that killed the other person gets to live while the victim died, and I do know what I am talking about, I had an uncle that on September 11, 2001 while he was at a bar in Arizona watching the horror in New York decided he would help a couple out of there problem by giving them a little hospitality when they were stranded, so he invited them come with him to his house so he could feed them and get them some help.
well these scum jumped him in his home took a baseball bat he had in the house and beat him severely, he managed to make it to his office room where he kept a gun inside his trash can, but they took it from him and killed him.
anyway some years later and after the trial some jerk made a movie called (I do not remember the exact name of the movie) “Great American Killers”, now you would probably welcome these sicko’s in your home with open arms, but I want them dead so that GOD can judge them and send them to hell for all eternity.
you are probably one of those that loved jack Kevorkian (Jack the dripper), but he was a murderer, and when you are hurting badly as I have several times in your life you may think you want death because your mind wants relief, but the body is trying to heal it’s self and does not realize it is hurting you while doing it, and most of the time a cure or a way to kill the pain arrives just after the person dies, My dad died of bladder cancer in 1991 just before Michael Landon and after there was a way of curing what he had in a vaccinate that was very cheep called Magnesium Sulfate.
so until you grow a heart, please shut the hell up.

90 Degrees to the Left

I wrote this last year and published it on my mirror site back in February 18, 2012.  I truly believe this is what the Republican Party is aiming for and given the current events happening throughout the Red States, I believe it  even more now than I did last year when I wrote it and that is why I am sharing here with you today.


I am beginning to notice what is that the extreme right is envisioning. It is a scary thought but the only thing that makes sense. The extreme right and so-called conservatives are proposing changes that will affect everyone living in America and the thing is, most people are not noticing what their true agenda is. We are all fighting on separate issues and not connecting the dots. Today, by mere coincidence, all the dots became clear to me, as if an epiphany had taken place and I am for sure…

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